About Voice Your Choice and BGCI

About Voice Your Choice

Voice Your Choice is an innovative, ready-to-go, free to download education resource for children aged 7 – 14, which engages them in the ultimate debate: given a choice, which species would you save?  The campaign will inform, empower and challenge children to think critically about the consequences of climate change and the interconnectivity of species and all life on earth.

Voice Your Choice has been translated into Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Spanish, so is available in 3 of the top 4 languages most spoken in the world.


About BGCI

BGCI is an international organisation that exists to ensure the world-wide conservation of threatened plants. BGCI represents over 800 members – mostly botanic gardens – in 118 countries. We aim to support and empower our members and the wider conservation community so that their knowledge and expertise can be applied to reversing the threat of extinction crisis facing one third of all plants.


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